Super Sod Retail Center
First Class installs a new voltage regulator to manage the power feed supply to half of Fort Jackson, SC.
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Voltage Regulator
First Class built the new Super Sod building for retail operations.
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193 Entry Control Point
First Class built a mock Entry Control Point to train soldiers for vehicle inspections into secured areas such as military bases etc. Barriers are in place to clear vehicles for entry, and to contain IED blasts if detonated.
Ft. Jackson Communications
First Class installed a new 911 Communications tower at the new Fort Jackson Fire Department.
Ft. Jackson Family Day Recreation Area
First Class built a new recreation facility at the Ft. Jackson Waterpark, to include a custom Gazebo, volleyball court, and restroom facilities.
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Williams Brice Stadium Exterior Restoration

First Class performs exterior repairs and restoration to
Williams Brice Stadium. Home of the South Carolina
Gamecocks. Before and After Pictures.
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Ridgeway Restoration
In a partnership with the SC Community Outreach program, First Class restores a house in complete disarray, to an updated livable home for a family in need. Before and After Pictures.
Ft. Gordon Picnic Shelter
First Class built a new Picnic Shelter for the soldiers at Fort Gordon.
Saleeby Warehouse
First Class built a new storage building for the Saleeby Center in Florence, SC.
Victory Tower Ft. Jackson, SC
First Class had the privilege of repairing Victory Tower on Ft. Jackson. This tower is used by every Army recruit trained at Ft. Jackson.
SC State Locker Room Reovation
First Class performed the SC State University Women's Locker Room Renovations.
Fit To Win Courses Ft. Jackson, SC
First Class, again had the privilege of rebuilding multiple Fit To Win courses on Ft. Jackson. These obstacles are used to prepare our men and women for the encounters they may face during their military career. Every soldier is trained on these courses during basic training at Ft. Jackson.
Cosmetology Lab
First Class built a new cosmetology lab for Lower Richland High School.